What is an Evolution Profile?

  • According to the concept, it is a method of profiling web visitors, ad space and websites – mapping the digital footprint of online consumers and how they interact with different Internet media.
  • From a practical point of view, it is the method Smart AD uses to identify the marketing match between a web visitor and an ad.
  • As to the execution, it is a machine-learning algorithm.
  • From the market’s point of view, it is the new standard!

How does it work?

  • Web visitors who visit Smart AD partner websites will pick up different singularities (tags) and will carry them around, like honeybees pollinating flowers.
  • The singularities that web visitors have picked up from ad spaces will form the web visitor’s dynamic profile, which we call the web visitor evolution profile.
  • When the web visitor visits other ad spaces in Smart AD’s network, he will influence those ad space profiles through his evolution profile.
  • Thus your website visitors will create the dynamic profile for your ad spaces, which we call the ad space evolution profile.
  •  All your ad space evolution profiles considered together form your website’s evolution profile.

Why do you call it an Evolution Profile?

  • Because the profiles are constantly changing based on web visitor’s behaviour and, when you come to think of it, they change based on web visitor evolution.

What kind of benefits does the Evolution Profile provide me?

  • The knowledge of what your website’s profile is like, based on your website visitor evolution profile, enables us to broaden your website’s relevance to campaigns. That in turn will increase the income we can help you earn.
  • Thanks to the evolution profile, we can better evaluate visitors to your website. That gives us the possibility to increase the unit price without negatively affecting your ROI.
  • The ability to target based on web visitors, and not only your website, allows us to include your website in many different campaigns without worrying about showing irrelevant ads on your website. And once again, it gives us the opportunity to earn you more money.

What else?

  • The possibility to provide ads based on a web visitor’s online behaviour also makes campaigns on your website successful in terms of ROI. Advertisers will love it!
  • The ability to place ads targeted at a web visitor’s relevant interests gives you the possibility to be as polite as possible towards your web visitor.